"I come to encourage, to be encouraged, so that we can all be a blessing to each other" .

"There are 3 types of people to be around you: Those you are teaching and guiding, those that are of like mind as you and those you are learning from".

The purpose of teaching karate is not to simply teach moves
and techniques but to help the student to become a better
overall person in life by transferring information and wisdom
through proper teaching.

As a beginning student enters the dojo, we begin with the basics of mind and body coordination, which will eventually lead to physiological aids for that person’s life, be it a younger person or an older person that starts karate later in life.

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The teaching information is transferred verbally and physically, received through the eyes ears and mind. Then the student is to process the information and transfer it to their mind, through their nervous system and into their neurological system and then send new signals to their body, telling the body structure what to do through thought processes.

This repetitive action helps to create a person that is progressing to a higher way of thinking and greater mind and body coordination. This mind and body coordination through the art of karate if taught properly and understood correctly can help the student in all aspects of their everyday life by carrying over into everyday life.

A deep study of karate translates that karrate is Love. A hard concept for some to comprehend, but true karate-do training creates warriors of love, not bullies and brutally motivated people. Karate-Do is the way of karate.

A vehicle for becoming a better person is karate-do (the way of karate). It is not a method of becoming a bully and is quite contrary, it is designed to develop and more compassionate and caring person who in turn is to teaches these principles in many ways to those that the karateka (practitioner) encounters.

The maxims of karate are to be taught in conjunction with the physical aspects. Although training is tough for a reason, it never has to be brutal, cruel or even evil. The sensei or teacher’s responsibility is to work diligently to get the student to understand the underlying purpose of karate training and for that student to develop dynamic hand, eye and mind coordination to their body while building confidence and forging their own spirit to becoming and better person in all aspects of their lives.

The sensei (teacher) has a great responsibility coupled with the privilege of passing on this great art that has helped many people to live more richer and significant meaningful lives.

Proper karate training has the potential of developing people that are better husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, workers, etc.

Understanding the principles of Character: Sincerity, Effort, Etiquette and Self Control; which are usually recited at the beginning and end of class are essential to every participant. We must carry on these principles and believe in what our purpose as human beings are, and that is to love.

To some it may sound contradictory, but the true essence of karate is Love. It is not violence; it is not bravado or being a tough guy. It is the development of the character and becoming a warrior for truth. Not how can I beat my opponent, but rather how can I be all that I can be.

We all have tremendous potential, no matter how your life started or where you currently are. No matter the circumstances, be it poverty, hardship, psychological abuse or otherwise. Each human being’s life is a treasure and has greater value than most believe. We must first understand that our individual value is tremendous, it is why we must rid ourselves of ego, conceit, malice, jealousy, anger and the like.

And then after we understand our own worth, which is God given, then we must transfer this value to others and have them understand that they too have tremendous value. This is done with love and caring, teaching and comprehending.

Often times as in my own life, I did not believe I had any worth. I was severely abused as a child, felt unloved, was introverted and as I my life went into my late teens I was alone, no purpose, no understanding of who I was.

I one day came to the understanding that I was worthy, I was valuable and that my purpose in life was to love.

"The greatest thing that can ever happen to you is to be loved and the greatest thing you can do is to love. Therefore Love others!". Makiwara Guy.

Karate was the beginning of that journey. I started training in South Africa and participated in a group of people that all had something in common, karate. As my teachers forged in me the various kicking, punching and blocking techniques I started to develop my mind and sense better.

Show your strength and resolve by helping others, not only in the dojo but outside the dojo.

Karate people should be the kindest and most helpful people on the planet.

By forging a strong spirit through diligent physical and mental training you develop characteristics that forcibly create …

Your ideals should be those that make the world a better place because of you as one person can change the world and that one person is you!


Makiwara Guy, makiwara artist has trained in Shotokan Karate for over 35 years and first used a makiwara at Stan Schmidt's School of Karate in Johannesburg South Africa where Makwiara Guy started training in karate. Eventually Makwiara Guy was invited and a part of the early bird instructor training. Many years of training, study and passion for makiwara have produced makiwara's that Makiwara Guy produces in the Makiwara Shop. in Bradenton, Florida USA. Makiwara Guy has been a part of Rick Hotton Sensei's karate school in Sarasota, Florida since the mid 1980's and travels around the world with Rick Hotton Sensei teaching and encouraging.