Sarasota County
Code Corruption

SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT These cases are about much more than building code violations, unlicensed contracting, or allegedly aiding and abetting. They are about a corrupt Sarasota County code enforcement department that has targeted me for my vocal opposition to its policies, for complaints I've filed, for questioning the credibility and trustworthiness of its employees, including Harvey Ayers, Gu8y McCauley and Robert Lepley and appears to be a favor to a disgruntled local politician and former customer of mine State Senator Greg Steube. Their actions constitute what's known as selective enforcement, which is an affirmative defense I have provided notice that I would asserting in the hearings but was not permitted. At previous hearings the County and former magistrate erroneously believed that selective enforcement is not a defense in code enforcement proceedings. I had to educate them. Therefore, I provided copies of Polk County v. Mitchell, 931 So.2d 922 (Fla. 2nd DCA 2006), Powell v. City of Sarasota, 953 So.2d 5 (Fla. 2nd DCA 2006), and Campbell v. Rainbow City, Alabama, 434 F.3d 1306 (11th Cir. 2006). These cases explain that selective enforcement is in fact a cognizable defense in these types of proceedings. As required by those cases I demonstrate that the County has targeted me because it has arbitrarily classified me as an enemy of the county code enforcement department. I demonstrate that I have been treated differently from other similarly situated individuals and that the County has unequally applied a facially neutral ordinance and state statute for the purpose of discriminating against me. You will learn through evidence and testmony presented that in early 2017 I did contract work for State Senator Greg Stuebe. Mr. Stuebe was not happy with my services and appears to have used his political influence and clout to persuade Sarasota County to come after me in retaliation and after Senator Greg Steube told on of my subcontractors that he was going to make my life a living hell. The day after Senator Greg Stuebe filed a complaint, Sarasota County employees stormed all of my job sites, threatened my workers, scared my customers and extorted my private banking records under the threat of putting me out of business and stopping work on my jobs. In May 2017 I filed a complaint against county employees. This was a big mistake because since then code enforcement officer Harvey Ayers has written me and my subcontractor a total of 16 citations, 8 of which I have had dismissed. I have been dragged before both the Sarasota County General and Mechanical Licensing and Examining Boards a total of four times. My building and roofing licenses have been revoked within the County and my HVAC license suspended for two years. I have been before magistrate Wittmer a total of 3 times, with countless other hearings scheduled but cancelled. The citations before the Court have been reissued twice. These cases are about retaliation, not code citations. I have filed two appeals and four petitioners for writ of certiorari and am in the process of filing two more appeals in the Twelfth Judicial Circuit Court in Sarasota Florida for relief. Recently the special magistrate, Robert Zack wrote in his final order that my licenses in the State of Florida have been revoked, funny thing is, the State of Florida has sent me certified letters stating that is untrue. The same magistrate said I am prohibited from working in Manatee County, funny thing is, Manatee County says “no you are NOT prohibited from working in Manatee County”, so where do these monkeys get their idiotic facts from? This is what I am battling and am determined to change the system so no one else ever has to deal with this corruption! It is now my life’s mission. Join the group of people that have been harassed and demoralized by lies, corruption, extortion and a system that is broken and lets protest, voice our opinions, get a petition signed and distributed and STOP THE INSANITY! in Sarasota County.