Sarasota County
Code Corruption

Civil Rights
The dedication of people to right the wrongs perpetrated on innocent Sarasota citizens and contractors, extends to pursuing action against government agencies, employers, and retail establishments for civil rights violations involving discrimination and harassment, code enforcement misconduct, and abuses of power. These important cases not only seek to compensate individuals for the harm done to them, but to change public policy and prevent similar abuses from happening to others.

MALICIOUS CIVIL PROSECUTION These cases are a result of malicious civil prosecution. These cases began back in October 2017 when the citation was issued under case numbers CC-17-3606, CC-17-3949 and CC-17-4056(A). On Dec. 15, 2017, a hearing was held on the initial hearing, but was continued in order for the county to obtain a witness, which is not allowed and where Harvey Ayers lied under oath. A second hearing was held on Feb. 9, 2018. That hearing resulted in the county voluntarily dismissing all pending citations against me for their failure to meet statutory and ordinance requirement that the citation list the date and time of the alleged violation. On Feb. 12, 2018, the citations were all reissued. Those citations were scheduled to go to hearing April 13 2018, and April 20, 2018, but both were cancelled. On April 6, 2018, the County reissued the same citations, changing a few words of the facts, but under the new case number before the court today. The county is engaging in malicious civil prosecution of this citation. The county is well aware that the citation still fails to comport with the statutory requirements that it denote an accurate time and date. The county also continues to rely on the testimony of Harvey Ayers who they know to be unreliable, and who has a sordid history of unreputable conduct and dishonesty. Mr. Ayers has even committed the criminal offense of perjury on two occasions related to litigation, which I am involved, yet the county does not blink an eye when using him to attempt to prove its case. There is no reasonable explanation for the manner in which the county has decided to pursue its prosecution of me. It is malicious prosecution. The county lacked probable cause to bring forth these citations and allegations and continue to lack probable cause six long months later. I have won a favorable ruling in this case on Feb. 9, 2018, and on June 8, 2018 the citations were dismissed. Yet, the county has since reissued the citations twice and changed the wording to suit themselves and stated that a licensed contractor is in violation when he simply signs a contract. WTF?

"The guy has to say something about everything!!! It's all against him, and he is a crusader for justice (LOL) watch that go on a website!!" As quoted by Sergio Gonzalez of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation - Regional Program Administrator.